Maximizing Fuel Economy

The eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel combines the latest in style with state-of-the-art aerodynamic design and our proven wheel production techniques to help you deliver the most fuel-efficient vehicles possible to your discerning customers. This page provides recent testing related to eVOLVE Hybrid Wheels being developed and tested for light trucks.


Extensive Testing Shows Fuel Savings with eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels

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Aerodynamics Testing

This video shows actual footage of the aerodynamics testing on the new eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel.

  • Tested wheel aerodynamic effects with the wheels static and rotating
  • Tested various wheel designs
  • Overall vehicle drag coefficient (Cd) improved 9 counts using different wheel designs




Fuel Economy Testing

The eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel was tested against two other wheels on the same vehicle on the same day to accurately determine the fuel savings that can be achieved. The test vehicle was a 2013 Ford Focus SE. Three wheels were tested, including the production wheel available on the vehicle from the dealer, the light-weight backbone of the new eVOLVE™ wheel, and the eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel with Wheel-CFD™ Leadership. See details below.


The lowest weight wheel does not achieve the best MPG!

The eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels achieved a 1.1 mpg highway vehicle improvement on a Ford Focus SE via EPA test protocol by a third party.*

  • Production Wheel
  • BM5J-1007-DB
  • 17 x 7 x 50
  • 23.70 lbs
  • eVOLVE™
  • Backbone ONLY
  • 17 x 7 x 50
  • 17.40 lbs
  • eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel
  • With Wheel-CFD™ Leadership
  • 17 x 7 x 50
  • 19.20 lbs
  • +1.1 MPG Highway Improvement*




On-Vehicle Fuel Economy Test

This video shows professional testing of the eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel on a vehicle at a professional test facility.

  • On-vehicle testing
  • Dyno testing
  • Testing performed to EPA
    standard SAE J2263




eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel Delivers
Real Fuel Efficiency Gains

Fuel Economy 5 Cycle Averages Shown

  • eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel



Weight Optimized Safety Critical Backbone

eVOLVE™ delivers attractive, highly engineered composite wheels that decrease weight and optimize aerodynamics for increased vehicle MPGs*.

  • Weight = 17.40 lbs
  • The lightweight backbone provides the canvas for eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels, but lightweight alone is NOT optimal for aerodynamics and overall vehicle mpg improvement
  • 17” x 7” x 50 offset
  • iSpoke™ Design (1)
  • “wJunction” Spoke-Rim design (2)
  • Built in Life-Cycle-Management


Wheel Stress Evaluation Testing

The video to the left shows the strength of our unique wheel design that is the critical backbone of the eVOLVE™ HYBRID WHEEL. Our wheels were engineered to be light weight, strong, aerodynamic and stylish.






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