Light Truck Testing

The eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel combines the latest in style with state-of-the-art aerodynamic design and our proven wheel production techniques to help you deliver the most fuel-efficient vehicles possible to your discerning customers.

Extensive Testing Shows Fuel Savings with eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels

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Light Truck FUEL EFFICIENCY testing

This video shows actual footage of the light truck testing with the new eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel.

  • Tested various wheel wheel designs for maximum fuel economy




Fuel Economy Testing

The eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel was tested against other wheels on the same vehicle on the same day to accurately determine the fuel savings that can be achieved. The test vehicle was a 2013 GMT900 Light Duty Truck. Four wheels were tested, including the production wheel available on the vehicle from the dealer, the light-weight backbone of the new eVOLVE™ wheel, an existing Chromtec® composite wheel and the eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel with Wheel-CFD™ Leadership.

The lowest weight wheel does not achieve the best MPG!

The eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels achieved a 0.76 mpg highway vehicle improvement on a GMT900 Light Duty Truck via EPA test protocol by a third party.*



eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel Delivers
Real Fuel Efficiency Gains

Fuel Economy 5 Cycle Averages Shown

  • eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel



Weight Optimized Safety Critical Backbone

eVOLVE™ delivers attractive, highly engineered composite wheels that decrease weight and optimize aerodynamics for increased vehicle MPGs*.

  • The lightweight backbone provides the canvas for eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels, but lightweight alone is NOT optimal for aerodynamics and overall vehicle mpg improvement
  • iSpoke™ Design (1)
  • “wJunction” Spoke-Rim design (2)
  • Built in Life-Cycle-Management


Wheel Stress Evaluation Testing

The video to the left shows the strength of our unique wheel design that is the critical backbone of the eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheel. Our wheels were engineered to be light weight, strong, aerodynamic and stylish.






Photo Gallery

Photos taken during the testing of the eVOLVE™ Hybrid Wheels on a light truck.


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